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William Ames Curtright, Rebpublican Candidate for Oregon Governor
William Ames Curtright


The Early Years
William Ames Curtright was born to Elaine Ames Curtright and George Curtright. Elaine Ames is the daughter of Lewis William Ames, a descendent of the famous Old Oliver Ames, founder of Ames Tool Company of Easton Massachusetts. The young William Ames Curtright spent his youth in Portland, Oregon, where he attended Benson Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Electronics with special training in Engineering Drafting. Ames graduated from Benson Polytechnic in 1962.

Military Service
In 1960, Ames Curtright joined the Naval Reserves while still attending high school and was trained in naval aviation electronics. As a reserve, Ames flew aircrew while being stationed at Naval Air Station Seattle (Standpoint). In September 1962, Ames entered into active duty and served aboard the USS Ticonderoga CVA 14 in the Seventh Fleet out of San Diego, California. He served as part of a 60-ship task force of five carriers and saw action in the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964. He was honorably discharged in 1966.

Following his military service, Ames Curtright enrolled in El Camino College in Torrance, California where he majored in electrical engineering. In 1967, Ames enrolled in a General Studies program at Portland State College. In 1968, Ames transferred to the University of Oregon, majoring in Clinical Psychology. At the same time, Ames was taking courses in Pastoral Counseling from Northwest Christian College.

As Ames’ interests turned toward the sciences, he enrolled and attended George Fox College in Newberg, Oregon. In 1971, Ames graduated from George Fox with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Medicine, with a major in Clinical Psychology and minors in Biology and Chemistry. Ames then worked two years undergraduate and post graduation on research related to the Electrical Stimulation of the Brain. He was taught surgical procedures by Dr. Brenda Lonsbury (Pioneer of the Cochlear implant) at the OHSU Medical School. With her he learned and performed surgical procedures for electrode implantation in cats using Stereotaxic instrumentation. He was able to demonstrate how to stimulate behavior in cats such as rage, sleep and pleasure, thus identifying that some abnormal human behavior might be explained by brain damage from drug or chemical abuse or physical trauma.

Ames later attended graduate school at the Oregon College of Education, emphasizing Earth sciences, including Geology Physics, Math and Earth Science and Education. He then received his teaching certificate in Idaho where he spent the 1973-74 school year teaching Math, Science and Physics at Greenleaf Friends Academy in Greenleaf, Idaho. During that time he also taught flying to the students..

From 1974 through 1976, Ames returned to medical study at Western States College Chiropractic College, however he ultimately decided that medicine was not for him and entered the construction field until 1981 to pay off his college debts. In 2002, he received his Doctor of Business Administration from Rivier College, in New Hampshire.

Inventor and Industrialist
In 1981, while recuperating from a diving accident, Ames developed and formulated a new type of non-toxic roof coatings system that stretches and reflects light and heat. Snow Roof Systems products were first advertised for and applied to tar roofs to save them. As the products evolved he invented other things. Ames employed 70 people, and with approximately 160 sales representatives and 11 distribution centers his company’s products were merchandised in 15,000 stores throughout the United States.


Dama Curtright and Snoopy
Dama with Snoopy

Ames also created Ames Research Laboratories, where he designed moving map technology primarily for aircraft navigation. He holds five patents on this technology. Today, in addition to his business duties as President and CEO of Ames Research Laboratories, Ames is active in charities, investments and flying. Both he and his wife Dama live on their 530 acre ranch in Turner, Oregon where they raise horses.

W. C. Ames comes from a family with heritage and service to America.
“My friends call me Ames. My heritage is from the famous Ames Family of Easton, Massachusetts. My family history contains a parade of public servants who are somewhat famous, such as: U.S. Representative Oakes Ames, the builder of the Union Pacific Railroad in the 1860’s, and his son Massachusetts Governor Oliver Ames; and his brother Oliver Ames, the builder of the Ames Tool Company, which helped finance the Union Pacific. Ames is the oldest continuous operating company in the United States.”

“I have been raised my whole life in Oregon and that heritage of public service seems to never leave me. I am a Republican.” Another Republican, Abraham Lincoln, saw that in Representative Oakes Ames when he “took Ames into his confidence: ‘Ames, you take hold of this,’ the president told him. ‘The road must be built, and you are the man to do it. Take hold of it yourself. By building the Union Pacific, you will be the remembered man of your generation.”

“I remember Tom McCall answering the Capitol phone on the weekends. Like Governor McCall, I will be a Governor who will talk to you and be there to help you. I will be a Governor who cares and listens, and I will help those who are in need. My whole person revolves around the importance of our Constitution and to service to the people of Oregon. I believe in telling it as it is!! Straight and with No Bull!”

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